About Us

India Association of Western Washington

Mission Statement

“Connect, Serve and Empower the Indian Community”
India Association of Western Washington (IAWW) – a Non-Profit Organization. Tax ID #91-126-8802


India Association of Western Washington (IAWW) operates in the Greater Seattle area with the following objectives:
• To form a cultural, social and educational organization for the advancement, appreciation, performance, reservation, study and/or teaching of the performing arts (music, drama, dance, film-arts), and languages.
• To provide a common identity to the Indian community through promotion of unity, friendship and good will based on mutual understanding and cooperation
• To provide community services within the limits of the Association resources.
• To promote and provide social, educational and cultural programs which will enable children of Indian heritage to understand Indian traditions.
• To establish a community center for social, educational and cultural activities.
• To establish and serve as a non-profit, charitable institution under the General Non-profit Corporation Act.
• To encourage and foster those activities that improve mutual understanding and appreciation between the Indo-American community and the mainstream American community.

IAWW Executive Board – 2019

President Bankim Shah
Vice President Ganesh Pandey
Secretary Thomas Mudayankavil
Treasurer Krishnan Menon
Senior Program Director Dr. Pran Wahi
Community Program Director Lalita Uppala
Youth Leadership Program Director Annu Luthra
Web Site/Social Media/PR Vasudha Motaparthy
Joint Secretary Simmone Misra
Joint Treasurer V Chandrasekaran