About Us

India Association of Western Washington

Mission Statement

“Connect, Serve and Empower the Indian Community”
India Association of Western Washington (IAWW) – a Non-Profit Organization. Tax ID #91-126-8802


India Association of Western Washington (IAWW) operates in the Greater Seattle area with the following objectives:
• To form a cultural, social and educational organization for the advancement, appreciation, performance, reservation, study and/or teaching of the performing arts (music, drama, dance, film-arts), and languages.
• To provide a common identity to the Indian community through promotion of unity, friendship and good will based on mutual understanding and cooperation
• To provide community services within the limits of the Association resources.
• To promote and provide social, educational and cultural programs which will enable children of Indian heritage to understand Indian traditions.
• To establish a community center for social, educational and cultural activities.
• To establish and serve as a non-profit, charitable institution under the General Non-profit Corporation Act.
• To encourage and foster those activities that improve mutual understanding and appreciation between the Indo-American community and the mainstream American community.


Constitution and By-Laws: Amended and restated Bylaws – Secretary signed

IAWW Executive Board – 2020

President Bankim Shah
Vice President Madhushri Mova
Secretary Thomas Mudayankavil
Treasurer Krishnan Menon
Executive  Director & Community Program Director Lalita Uppala
Senior Program Director Dr. Pran Wahi
Youth Leadership Program Director Annu Luthra
Web Site/Social Media Vasudha Motaparthy
Joint Secretary Simmone Misra
Joint Treasurer V Chandrasekaran
Technology Sunil Shah