Career Preparedness & Guidance


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IAWW-ANVI is the India Association of Western Washington’s program focused on the
professional and personal growth of the women in our community. ANVI provides the following
opportunities and services that empowers our members to find their passion and optimize their
aptitude and potential.

CAREER EXPLORATION: By inviting experts from various industries, we introduce our members
to the myriad career options that exist in today’s workplace and in the community. This
provides hope for many who are wonder how to best apply themselves towards that next
career move, with full knowledge of the requirements, challenges and triumphs of each field of
work/career path featured. Our career development workshops, speaker series, and fireside
chats inspire women to break the traditional mold and explore entrepreneurship, exciting
career options/jobs, and other ways to apply themselves.

  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: Experts from the fields of HR, recruiting, and
    coaching conduct workshops covering topics such as resume building, interview skills,
    LinkedIn profile building, and tips of how to gain or increase once personal and
    professional confidence in our setting.
  • PANEL EVENTS and FIRESIDE CHATS: We frequently invite notable folks with diverse
    backgrounds from the community to come share their stories and journeys leading to
    success. These role models help inspire our audience to take the next steps.

NETWORKING: IAWW-ANVI organically and intentionally creates a wonderful networking
system amongst its members by virtue of all its programs/events/services. This program is all
about women helping women establish or grow in their careers but also to create a platform of
trusted peers. The events we plan, and host bring together women from across the breadth of
this rich community, creating symbiotic and meaningful connections.

MENTORING: ANVI has a strong database of talented amd dedicated mentors from all areas of
work who are willing to offer advice, coaching and mentoring to those seeing such help. This is
done in a structured format through careful monitoring and matching of skillsets. This program
includes an online and in-person mentoring program offering mentors and mentees the
opportunity to connect and thrive.

CRISIS CARE: IAWW-ANVI is a built-in support system for those facing an unexpected crisis.
Often times buried issues come out as the unmet needs. Women who are a part of our
mentoring program reach out to us for support with personal losses ( including the loss of a
family member), domestic violence, loss of parental rights and sometimes deportation all
because they are unable to afford proper legal representation without economic independence
and cultural taboos of shame and public knowledge of their situation. We also offer referrals
and support for visa/status problems. In most cases we are able to provide resource referral
through the various valued and treasured partnerships we have within this supportive system
in the WA