IAWW Disclaimer

All information provided on this (IAWW) website under “Seniors” tab, including any and all web-links, information sources and information regarding ‘Senior Support Services’ is for reference only and should not be considered as advice or recommendations, and is subject to change without notice.

Any assistance or services offered or rendered by the IAWW’s Seniors Program volunteers are solely based on needs by seniors who have lost their loved ones in recent years OR going through some crisis, and are looking for some emotional support or other kind of support. This support is strictly considered a short term solution.

The participants shall recognize that although this assistance or services are rendered by volunteers, who themselves could be seniors, will ensure participants’ safety and well being. However, some risk may be present at any given time.

By clicking on the button below I agree to HOLD HARMLESS the IAWW, its staff, Seniors Program and such volunteers from any and all liability , claim, and causes of action arising out of or any way connected with the support provided.