IAWW 2020Census – Complete Count for Asian Indians


March: Postcards with census link are mailed or residents receive invitation to fill the census form online. The forms will also be available in hard copy and an option to phone and fill will be available.
April 1: Census Day
April 20-27: Final reminders are sent out
May-July: In-person follow up by census workers and final form submission

For census jobs, workshops and events coming up please click on –


Census Ambassador Training Schedule:

Thursdays – 01/9/20; 01/16/20; 01/23/20; 01/30/20
11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at North Bellevue Community Center

For Census employment, volunteering Contact Us: executivedirector@iaww.org

What is the census?

It’s how we count people living in the country—every resident, citizens and non-citizens alike.

Why is it important for the government to have that information?

It’s how the government knows where money is needed— for things like hospitals, schools, and transportation. It also determines how many representatives Washington state will have in Congress.

Is it safe?

You have the right to privacy in the census—all answers are kept anonymous and used only to produce statistics. Census staff take a lifelong pledge of confidentiality, and if they violate it, they can go to jail and pay large fines.

What information do I need to provide?

The number of people living in your home, whether the home is rented, owned, occupied, a phone number for an adult family member, the name, sex, age, date of birth, race or ethnicity of each person living in the home, and relationship to the adult person in the house

Who gets that information?

Only the Census Bureau. It’s illegal for the bureau to share it with any other agency, including ICE and other law enforcement.

Is there a citizenship question?

No—the census has NO citizenship question.

Why should I participate?

When you complete the census, you make sure our community shows up in the data that determines how we’re funded and represented. You’re making sure your tax dollars come back to your community.

How is this census different from previous ones?

This year, most people will complete the census online.

When is the census happening?

Starting March 12th, people will receive letters in the mail about the census. From March 21st through July,  you can complete it online. If you don’t have Internet access or need help, there are places in your community to complete the census with help. Or, a census staffer will visit your home to help make sure you’re counted.

How do I complete it?

The easiest way to complete the census is online. You can also complete it over the phone or with a paper form. Organizations in the community will also provide help to seniors, immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, and anyone else who needs assistance.

Do census workers come to my house to count me?

If you don’t complete the census online by early May, a census worker will come to your door to help you complete it. You’ll know they’re official because they’ll have a census worker badge.

Do I have to pay money to take part?

No! The Census Bureau and its staff will never ask you for money or for bank account information, social security number, or a political donation. If anyone asks you for money related to the census, they are trying to take advantage of you with a scam.

We are grateful to King County, Seattle Foundation and the Eastside cities for funding our efforts in census education and assistance.